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These sculptural lamps are carefully designed alternatives to the standard table lamp. They are available with cherry heartwood frames and the choice of two different shades, Moghul Rose or Natural Jute.

Moghul Rose shade
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The Moghul Rose shade produces a beautiful accent or mood light.

The Natural Jute shade is slightly more transparent, so if you need a purely functional light for reading or working, it is a better choice. Two of these lamps with 75 watt bulbs easily light an entire 150 square foot room.

Beware of similar products sold in many catalogs. These are handmade in my shop and are produced to the same high standards as my jewelry chests. The frames are made with mortise and tenon joints, individually assembled, and finished and oiled by hand.

The shades are hand made paper and are laminated to the removable shade panels with Usiki seal, which also seals the paper and prevents it from drying out. Since the panels are removable, they are easily repaired should they ever suffer an assault by children or pets.

All component electrical parts, including the ceramic socket assembly, switches and cord, are premium quality, UL listed items. Each lamp is supplied with an 8' cord with an inline switch placed about 24” from the socket.

Dimensions are 8” x 8” x 19” ht. Cost is $190 plus shipping.

Natural Jute shade
Click here for detail shot.

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