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Jewelry and Collectable Chests

The pieces shown below are representative samples of standard designs. Any piece can be ordered in a variety of wood species. Click the links below for more information.

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Arched Apron Jewelry Chests

A very large jewelry chest. It features full through dovetails on the case, bow tie pulls on bronze pins, and an arched apron to lighten it up a bit. Includes customized dividers in all drawers and a solid wood frame & panel back. 4 small drawers, 1 medium, and 1 large. This item is made on a limited basis, although occasionally I have one on the shelf for sale. Locking stays may be added. Normally, all exterior parts are made from a single board or matching boards from the same tree. Inquire.


Arched Apron Jewelry Chest in Cherry

Curly Cherry with Rosewood Pulls
20" x 11 1/2" x 13 1/2" ht.


Arched Apron Jewelry Chest in Quilted Maple

Quilted Western Bigleaf Maple
20" x 11 1/2" x 13 1/2" ht.

20" x 12" x 14" ht.
$3300 with locks
 Curly Red Maple
20" x 11 1/2" x 13 1/2" ht.

Mitered Jewelry Chests

These chests are made with conventional mitre joints which are then reinforced with three dovetail shaped splines inserted through each corner. The splines add strength as well as visual contrast. It is a nice, clean design that has been refined and improved for about fifteen years. Available in 16" and 20" wide variations. Call for current availability.

Mitered Chest 1

Mitered Chest 1

Curly Cherry case and drawers,
rosewood pulls and splines.
20" x 11" x 9 3/4" ht.
4 small drawers, 1 large.

Mitered Chest 2

Mitered Chest 2

Curly cherry case and pulls,
curly maple drawers and splines.
20" x 11" x 8 3/4" ht.
4 small drawers, 1 large.

  Mitered Chest 3

Mitered Chest 3

Cherry case,
curly maple drawers, rosewood
pulls and splines.
16" x 11" x 8 3/4" ht.

3 small drawers, 1 large

 Mitered Chest 4

Mitered Chest 4

Curly cherry case, birdseye maple drawers, rosewood pulls & splines.
16" x 11" x 5 3/4" ht.

3 small drawers.


About the Jewelry Chests

These jewelry chests are premium quality, intelligent solutions for jewelry and collectibles storage. They have comprised a major portion of my work for fifteen years, and there are literally hundreds of these pieces in homes throughout the country. People commonly tell me that they have looked for years for just such a jewelry chest.

The samples on this page are some of the typical species/size combinations that I commonly make. Mitered chests can be ordered in 16" or 20" widths, a variety of species, and a variety of drawer combinations. Standard sizes, pricing, and ordering information is below.

"I want to thank you for the beautiful jewelry box you made me. The wood is exquisite – like watered silk. It must give you great pleasure to create such a wonderful object. And useful- – all my jewelry is organized and visible for the first time." — J.W., New York, New York


Dovetail joints

Chests, or cases, are made with either full-through dovetail joints or mitered and splined joints. Dovetailed chests have full-through dovetails connecting the top with the sides, and sliding dovetails connecting the sides with the bottom. Mitered and splined chests are first assembled with conventional miter joints, then reinforced with dovetail shaped splines. The spline adds critical strength as well as visual contrast. Each joinery type is strong enough for furniture applications, and more than adequate for jewelry chests. The differences in cost reflect the labor involved, not the quality of the joint.

Material selection is of paramount importance. The boards for each piece are individually chosen for figure and quality, and wider material is used when available. Cases are made from one long panel, with the figure following from the sides to the top. Drawers are cut from the same board so the figure flows continuously. With pieces where the case is the same species as the drawers, all material is selected from the same group. With Arched Apron Chests, a full width board is usually used for the case. Lines and figure should combine to form an organic, seamless, whole.

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Drawers are dovetailed and individually fitted, and have adjustable hardwood dividers. This means that each drawer may be partitioned individually and set up to suit the owner's specific needs by removing sections of the divider to create larger openings: one drawer for small earrings, one for necklaces, etc. You can do this yourself -- it is a self-locking joint and requires no tools. This is standard on all pieces. Typically, each jewelry chest includes a variety of dividers in the smaller drawers, with larger drawers undivided (see below). Drawer interiors are lined with premium cotton velvet, and finished inside with shellac. Mitered Chests have a cabinet grade plywood back matched to the case, and Arched Apron Chests have solid wood, frame and panel back. Solid wood backs are available on a custom basis for Mitered Chests-see below. Drawer pulls are glued and screwed to the drawer fronts from the inside. The exterior finish is multiple coats of hand rubbed linseed oil/varnish mix, and then a topcoat of buffed paste wax.

Each drawer is lined in velvet with
adjustable hardwood dividers.

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Ordering and Availability

Usually, I have something in stock, ready to ship. Call or email to see what is on the shelf. There is frequently something unusual available that isn’t represented on the site, in which case, I can email an image to you. If you are not in a hurry, you can custom order a chest in exactly the size and species that you want. Custom orders usually require 6-10 weeks. If you ever order something and it is too small, or too dark, or for whatever not what you expected, you can exchange it for something more to your liking. For more details, see Ordering.

Detail of Mitered Chest 3

 Standard Sizes


Standard cases are 16" or 20" wide, same price. Drawer and divider combinations are:

3/0/0 – 3 small drawers. (2 full dividers, 1 partial divider).
3/0/1 – 3 small, 1 large. (2 full, 1 partial).
4/0/1 – 4 small, 1 large. (2 full, 2 partial).
5/0/0 – 5 small drawers. (3 full, 2 partial).

Large drawers are open, with no dividers.



Small – 1 3/8" (1" usable inside space)
Medium – 1 3/4" (1 3/8" usable space)
Large – 2 1/2" (2 1/8" usable inside space)


Full divisions    2" x 2" spaces
Partial divisions    3" x 4 1/2" spaces

A drawer in a 16" wide case has 24 full divisions or 12 partial division. A drawer in a 20" wide case has 32 full divisions or 16 partial divisions. All dividers are solid ash, and are adjustable and removable.

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Dovetail joints


The prices listed above are for each piece as pictured. Use the numbers below to determine the cost of configurations not shown above. Standard Mitered Chests are 16" or 20" wide. Other species are also available. Click here for more details about some of the wood species listed below.)

Mitered Chests w/dovetail splines:

In cherry: $400 plus $85 per drawer.

In curly cherry, walnut, or curly maple: $425 plus $85 per drawer.

In premium curly maple: $450 plus $85 per drawer.

In premium quilted maple or rosewood: $700 plus $85 per drawer.

Unusual or rare species not listed here are priced individually. Inquire.

Arched Apron Chests

In Curly Cherry: $1800

In Premium Quilted Maple: $2400

In Premium Curly Red Maple: $2100

In Rosewood: $2500

For a locking case, add $800. Inquire.

Extras for all jewelry chests:

For rosewood pulls on any piece, add $25.

For a solid wood frame and panel back, add $225.

For a solid wood floating back on a mitered chest, add $80.

For customized, nonstandard dividers, add $60.

For a case with nonstandard drawer combinations, add $80.

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