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West Creek Studio is the woodworking business that I operate out of my home in upstate New York, situated halfway between Ithaca and Binghamton. I have been designing and building functional woodwork since 1990, and am self-taught.

For many years I sold this work at retail craft events in NYC and the mid-Atlantic states, traveling for fifteen to twenty weekends a year. Today I find my feet more firmly planted at my home and studio, with this website being the primary window to view my work.

My basic approach to woodwork is to choose premium materials, and execute simple designs with strong joinery. Beautiful wood can speak for itself; it doesn't need to be embellished or decorated. Most of what I make is done with solid wood finished with hand rubbed linseed oil, and I generally don't use dyes, stains, or veneers. For more on specific technical details, see About the Work.

Since 1990 I have produced a wide variety of work, including furniture, wholesale gift boxes, and commercial installations. I have also filled requests for a myriad assortment of unusual and esoteric items over the years, including caskets for pets and reproductions of favorite childhood toys. Currently my main focus is on jewelry chests and an emerging line of paper shade lamps.

Jewel chests are something of a specialty, and the designs have been continually refined and improved for over ten years. I usually have some current stock ready to ship, and I am always open to custom inquiries of any sort. Large pieces require a good deal of time to design and execute, so your patience is appreciated.

Enjoy browsing these pages; feedback and suggestions are welcome. Contact me using our contact form or at david@westcreekstudio.com.

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