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Freestanding Jewelry Cabinets

The pieces shown below are representative samples of standard designs. Any piece can be ordered in a variety of wood species.


Arched Apron Jewelry Chest in Cherry
Detail Images, Marsha’s Cabinet

Marsha's Cabinet

Figured Pennsylvania Cherry, Rosewood Accents

30" x 18 " x 49 1/2 " ht.


This is a very large freestanding cabinet for jewelry storage, originally commissioned by Marsha. 28 jewelry drawers behind two locking doors, and three larger drawers below for clothing. Hand cut dovetails on the case, and a unique pull style with an exposed mortise strengthened with a wedge. Solid wood frame and panel back. Premium brass hardware, double pin English locks. One inch case thickness, very durable construction.

This type of piece can be made in a variety of configurations and styles. Typically, for such a cabinet, I acquire a set of boards from the same log. This ensures uniformity of figure and color throughout the piece.


Freestanding Jewlery Chest

Barbara’s Cabinet

Curly cherry, rosewood pulls.
20" x 15" x 33 1/2" ht.
$4200 w/solid cherry frame and panel back

A freestanding jewelry chest. This basic design can be made with a variety of drawer configurations. Shown here with two 1 3/8" drawers, seven 1 3/4" drawers, two 3" drawers, and one 5" drawer, with rosewood bowtie pulls, hand cut case joints.

Made by custom order to individual specifications. Inquire.

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